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Write a Short Recovery Story for Payment

PeerZone Toolkit (aka Swell) is developing information for people with mental distress and their supporters. Each of the 52 life challenges includes a series of short papers, including a peer recovery story. Visit www.swelltoolkit.com to see an example.

Each story will discuss your experience of managing one of the challenges in the our ‘Relationships’ and ‘Purpose and belief’ domains. For more info click here.

Each recovery story needs to be half a page to a full page and submitted by Wednesday 31 August 2017 to info@peerzone.info.

People who submit a story that is published will receive a NZD $100 Amazon gift voucher and a free copy of ‘Madness Made Me’ by Mary O’Hagan. The stories will be edited in collaboration with the authors who will decide if they want their story to be an anonymous or not.

For full details, see the flyer. Email your inquiries and stories to info@peerzone.info.