QAMH Consumer Participation Report | Queensland Alliance for Mental Health

QAMH Consumer Participation Report

1. Introduction

1.a. Purpose and Method

This report presents a snapshot of what services are doing to support consumer participation, what they would like to do, and some of the resources they have identified that they already have, and some that they still require, to further this end.
In 2011 the Queensland Alliance for Mental Health (QAMH) commissioned a state-wide survey of member organisations, the analysis of which was published in the Australian Health Review.1 That study was a comprehensive review of the state of the community mental health sector in Queensland, with a specific focus on consumer participation in the production or delivery of the community mental health services they receive.
In June 2014, the lead author of that report, a lived experience academic, was engaged by QAMH to conduct a focus group interview with a sample of those services. The focus group sought to identify three key indicators of consumer participation to monitor and strengthen in the community mental health sector. The focus group provided a deeper insight into their position which informed the development of the survey questions on these three key indicators.

  • Consumer feedback for service improvement;
  • Consumer roles in formal organisational decision making ; and
  • Commitment to supporting a peer workforce.

The focus group was followed up in July by a telephone survey of managers in community-based organisations that provide mental health services in Queensland (n=52). Interpretation of the quantitative data obtained from the service provider survey was described statistically.

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