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Disaster & Response Recovery

Disaster and response recovery is just one example of how QAMH is applying its expertise to improve communities. QAMH’s award-winning program, Resilient Places, equips community organisations with the tools and skills to support community recovery while taking into consideration their unique needs.

Resilient Places

Resilient Places was a QAMH initiative that aimed to strengthen resilience and support psycho-social recovery of people in regions that had experienced disaster.

At the heart of the project was an ethos that local communities will produce their own unique solutions with our help and support. The program works to strengthen resilience at individual and community organisation levels, and today, Resilient Places has evolved to focus not only on disaster recovery, but on disaster preparedness – domestically and internationally.

The program began during the summer of 2010-2011 in response to the impacts of a series of Queensland natural disasters. QAMH sought funding under the Mental Health Disaster Recovery Package to establish Resilient Places, which resourced a localised mental health community coordination project and a state-wide mental health resource hub. Resilient Places had six dedicated Mental Health Community Coordinators operational in more than ten communities throughout Queensland that were highly impacted by natural disasters.