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Day to Day Living Capacity Building Project (D2DL)

The D2DL Capacity Building Project is a federally funded project through the Department of Health that connects D2DL services across the nation. Undertaken by CMHA but auspiced to QAMH, the project has been operating since 2010.

The national project facilitates the identification and dissemination of good practice among D2DL Program providers. The aim of the project is to improve outcomes for people who experience mental illness by focusing on increased collaboration and connection among community mental health organisations that deliver the D2DL Program. Australia-wide D2DL services are connected through annual national face-to-face forums, web-based platforms, newsletters and service exchanges.

Service providers are supported by resources provided by the Project, including webinars, blogs and discussion rooms. D2DL is a structured activity program for people living with mental illness, funded by the Department of Health. There are 64 funded D2DL sites across the country. Click on the below images to read our online books:
MIS_Online-publication-final_20120320 Cover        A-Snapshot-of-D2DL-Stories-cover                          Snapshot D2DL Stories 3rd Edition        5th online booklet_Snapshot of D2DL Stories

Each snapshot contained in the online booklets is written by a D2DL participant and demonstrates the impact of the D2DL Program in their life.

Please note: D2DL participants gave their consent to share their experiences. 


The resource consists of a series of dual scenario cards and question cards that invite people to reflect on both scenarios, test their ideas and arguments about practice issues and stretch their thinking beyond the scenarios to multiple alternative responses.

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