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Our Work

The QAMH team has a progressive approach to community mental health enabling us to produce real results by promoting sustainability in the communities in which we work. Our services focus on building the capacity of organisations that are integral to community resilience and address the spectrum of conditions that impact people’s health, wellbeing and recovery.

QAMH is committed to integrating community mental health into the health continuum and raising the importance of health promotion, prevention and early intervention, which will ultimately reduce the burden on businesses, governments, communities, and hospital systems.

QAMH initiatives


QAMH Services

  • Expertise and experience in program design and resilience-building strategies, including in a post-disaster context.
  • Skills in community consultation, participation and stakeholder engagement.
  • Links with hospital and health services to provide coordinated approaches to care.
  • Long-term guidance to community organisations.
  • Organisational capacity-building initiatives.
  • Project management.
  • Monitoring and evaluation design and delivery.
  • With access to a network of more than 200 organisations working in community mental health, QAMH has the proven ability to mobilise the skills within the healthcare sector to ensure the most vulnerable are included in health systems planning and reform.