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ReachOut NextStep

For young people aged 18–25 years, navigating Australia’s fragmented mental health system just became much easier.

Launched on 10 February 2016, ReachOut NextStep is the latest digital offering to be integrated into leading online mental health service Developed to address the persistently low rates of service access by young people, the new tool makes it easier to navigate the range of available mental health services by recommending customised support options – online and offline – based on a person’s symptoms and how significantly the symptoms are affecting them.

Recommendations range from immediate access to information and tools for self-care such as factsheets, apps and personal stories, to links to online chat or peer-to-peer forums, or referrals to face-to-face and telephone support services. The first Australian tool of its kind to be created specifically for young people, ReachOut NextStep uses a complex algorithm that can respond to thousands of possible combinations based on a young person’s needs and preferences.

The tool can be accessed for free from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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