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ReachOut Orb

Aimed at students in Years 9 and 10, the locally developed game – called ReachOut Orb – is designed for use in classroom situations, led by a teacher. The game aims to help students understand factors and skills that are useful for mental fitness and wellbeing.

ReachOut Orb uses positive psychology principles to teach students to identify and use their strengths, develop and sustain positive relationships and build resilience. Experts have developed the teacher resources for ReachOut Orb and the game has been piloted in four schools in New South Wales.

In the game, students develop their own avatar, based on their personal character strengths. They travel in a virtual world overtaken by the negative force of The Glitch, which has drained colour from everything. Students navigate individually through the game, making choices as they interact with a range of characters that are overwhelmed by negativity.

ReachOut Orb is available for free download on iPad or desktop from 23 February. Principals and teachers can download the game at For further information see the ReachOut Orb information sheet.