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Queensland Transition to NDIS for Mental Health Strategic Forum

The Queensland Transition to NDIS for Mental Health Strategic Forum (QTN Forum) provides a mechanism to discuss the specific issues for people who live with a mental illness, mental health service providers, representative bodies and state and commonwealth governments in the plans to roll-out the NDIS in Queensland.

The role of the Forum, chaired by Kris Trott, CEO of QAMH, is to develop a shared vision for a future service system once NDIS is implemented. The members will work together to consider issues and plan for the implementation of NDIS in Queensland.

Contact with and feedback to the Forum

The QTN MH Strategic Forum Secretariat is the QAMH Executive Offiecer, Julia Riordan. The Group welcomes input and feedback from the community. If organisations or community members have any questions or queries they wish the Group to consider, please email Julia at jriordan@qamh.org.au or phone 07 3252 9411.

Working groups and membership

There are two working groups of the QTN MH Strategic Forum:

Core Working Group – a small core working group will meet more regularly than the Full Working Group to plan and steer the activities of the Full Working Group. The smaller working group will consist of key strategic stakeholders based in Queensland.

Full Working Group – will consist of members of the core working group, state and federal Government representatives, National sector representatives and other Queensland sector representatives.

Key Documents

Terms of Reference

Meeting Communiques

Communique 1 QTN Forum September 2015
Communique 2 QTN Forum December 2015
Communique 3 QTN Forum June 2016
Communique 4 QTN Forum October 2016
Communique 5 QTN Forum May 2017