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QAMH Submission to the Inquiry into Mental Health in the NDIS

On Monday 5 December 2016, as part of the Inquiry by the Joint Standing Committee (the Committee) on the NDIS into the implementation, performance and governance of the NDIS, the Committee announced that it would inquire into the provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities relating to a mental health condition.

QAMH’s submission to the Inquiry has now been finalised and is available on the Parliament of Australia website.

QAMH acknowledges the contributions from member organisations, alliances and consortia from across Queensland whose information has informed the development of this submission.

Whilst QAMH is committed to the NDIS and positive outcomes for people living with a mental illness, their families and friends, it is concerned that mental health issues cannot be simply made to fit into a system designed to provide disability support.

A failure to recognise the complexities and issues specific to psychosocial disability, and to ensure that adequate funding is made available through appropriate mechanisms, may result in less than optimal outcomes for people with mental health issues, their friends and families.

This will also place additional pressure on the health and social services systems. Further, it is vital to ensure that the recovery focus of community mental health services continues, and that a situation is not created where some people receive a high level of support but others, who are unable to access the system because of their circumstances, do not. People living with mental health issues must have their psychosocial needs met regardless of whether they are eligible or ineligible for the NDIS.

Read QAMH’s Submission to the Joint Standing Committee.