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Preventing suicide: The voice of children and young people

In 2014, 151 young people in Australia aged between 5 and 19 years died by suicide.  Many organisations and individuals are working hard to develop strategies that will make a difference, but the voices of young people are often missing from the conversation.

yourtown/Kids Helpline have published a series of five Insights papers that report the findings from an online consultation with 472 children and young people (aged approx. 13 to 25 years) with lived experience of thinking about, planning or attempting suicide.

Insights Parts 1 to 3 present young people’s experiences of seeking and receiving help, and their advice to other young people, families, friends, and those who provide services for young people like them.  Insights Part 4 summarises and highlights the issues that young people said were important to them and draws attention to  those issues that yourtown/Kids Helpline believes warrant increased consideration in the current policy and practice arena.

A fifth paper describes the background and method of the consultation.  The papers intentionally privilege young people’s own words, as they provide important insights into how young people feel, think and speak about suicide.

The five papers, along with an information sheet for people concerned about someone they know, are available to download from the yourtown website