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Community Grants Hub – Disability Employment Services Registration of Interest now open: Spotlight Call to Action

Community Grants Hub

The Australian Government is inviting organisations to register their interest to deliver Disability Employment Services (DES) from 1 July 2018.
Stage one open date: 2 August 2017
Closing date and time: 2:00pm AEST Tuesday 29 August 2017

The Grant Application process for DES will be undertaken through two-stages. The first stage involves all organisations who wish to deliver DES from 1 July 2018 to register their interest through an unrestricted Registration of Interest process.

This process is open for four weeks. The second stage will comprise Invitations to Treat (ITT) and invitations to apply. Only those organisations who registered through the Registration of Interest process will be eligible to receive one or more ITTs and/or invitations to apply to join the panel of DES providers.

ITTs will be offered to existing DES providers to continue delivering a service, under the new Grant Agreement from 1 July 2018, in an Employment Services Area (ESA) where the DES provider has:

  • an existing contract that is rated as performing at 3-Stars or above in the June 2017 Star Ratings
  • received new or additional business through the 2016-17 DES Business Reallocation process, or
  • received new or additional business as a result of a gap-filling arrangement in 2017.

Registered organisations that elect to apply through the Grant Application process will be subject to an assessment conducted by the Community Grants Hub within DSS. Applicants will be asked to provide organisational level details on their governance and strategies and proposed specialisations. They will also need to demonstrate past performance in either the disability or employment services.
Stage one includes an unrestricted Registration of Interest for ALL organisations wishing to provide DES services post 1 July 2018. This includes organisations that are likely to be offered an ITT in Stage 2.

Registration of Interest
This is an unrestricted stage and will collect the organisational details of all interested parties. Organisations will still need to nominate their preferences and submit their registration of interest form by the relevant authorised officer of that organisation.

As part of the Registration of Interest process, all registrants will be required to:

  • indicate the ESA(s) they intend to apply for
  • and for each ESA:
    • indicate the DES services (DES-DMS and/or DES-ESS) they wish to deliver/ continue delivering
    • identify if it will be a specialist or generalist service.

Stage 2 will be a restricted Grant application process that will invite organisations that have registered their interest in Stage 1.

Grants will be undertaken in accordance with the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs)

Further information about eligibility and how to register are available on Community Grants Hub
and the GrantConnect  websites.

Please note: Information including question and answers may be amended over the course of the Registration of Interest period. It is important to check for any changes on the Community Grants Hub or alternatively register with GrantConnect to receive regular alerts.

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