Dr Peggy Brown Announced As Speaker for Metro North Health Forum: Spotlight News Issue 12

Metro North Health Forum image

Metro North Hospital and Health Service (MNHHS) and Brisbane North PHN are hosting the fourth Metro North Health Forum on Wednesday 31 May 2017 at the Royal International Convention Centre.

National Mental Health Commission Chief Executive Officer Dr Peggy Brown will be presenting at the Forum in the Recovery, Mental Health and Alcohol and Other Drugs stream. Involved in mental health leadership and advocacy roles for 30 years, Peggy has a strong understanding of the many challenges involved in meeting the social and health needs of people with mental health and substance use issues.

The Forum will provide up to date information in the areas of:

  • health care for older people
  • mental health, alcohol and other drugs
  • initiatives connecting care for people.

It will be an opportunity for you to learn first-hand how MNHHS and Brisbane North PHN are working together with a focus on integrated care. The forum presents a networking opportunity for people working in health and community services as well as consumer and community groups.

For further information, visit the Brisbane North PHN website.


Reform, Revolution and Disruption in Mental Health Care: Spotlight News Issue 12

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New South Wales National Mental Health Commissioner, Jackie Crowe has written a powerful piece for the Public Health, Research and Practice journal entitled Reform, revolution and disruption in mental health care: A consumer’s perspective.

Jackie posits that we are experiencing a revolution, as consumers of mental health care services and their families are demanding a seamlessly integrated health care system and transparency in their care and support, and are now empowered to express it through social media and other digital tools.

She further warns that organisations and service providers must now include consumers, families and the community in their processes to ‘stay relevant and competitive in a changing market’.

We encourage you to read this insightful article.


2016 National Mental Health Report on Mental Health and Suicide Released: Spotlight News Issue 11

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The National Mental Health Commission (NMHC) has released its 2016 National Mental Health Report on Mental Health and Suicide. It the report, the NMHC considers the factors that will lay the foundations for the its future monitoring and reporting.

This report provides a high‑level summary of the reform journey in Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems since the National Mental Health Commission (the Commission) presented Contributing Lives, Thriving Communities – Report of the National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services 2 (the Review) to the Australian Government at the end of 2014.

Fur full details, read the 2016 National Mental Health Report on Mental Health and Suicide.


Registrations Open for 2016 Mental Health Forums: Spotlight News Issue 11

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The Queensland Government established a Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the closure of the Barrett Adolescent Centre (BAC) on 16 July 2015. The Government response to the BAC COI Report, publicly released on 18 July 2016, accepted all six recommendations in principle.

Throughout May, Queensland Health will be updating progress on implementing the Government response to the Barrett Adolescent Centre COI report by hosting several Youth Mental Health Forums. These Forums will be held in most major cities in Queensland between 2 May and 2 June 2017.

Please note that the Brisbane Forum scheduled for 2 June is now full. 

For further detail and to register to attend a Forum, visit Get Involved on the Queensland Health website.


Advance Health Directives for Mental Health Workshops in Rockhampton: Spotlight News Issue 11

Advance Health Directive Image

Consumer, family and carer workshops on the new Mental Health Act 2016 will be held in Rockhampton to help individuals who experience mental health concerns, their family, and carers to understand the new Advance Health Directive for mental health.

Workshops will be held in Rockhampton from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on:

  • 31st May at the Walali Red Cross Neighbourhood Centre.
  • 1st June at CQMHAOD Sterling Place.


For further details, see the Advance Health Directives and IPRA Presentation for Mental Health flyer.




Use of Restraint for Mental Health Patients: Spotlight News Issue 11

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For the first time, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) has published national data about the use of restraint in Australian specialised public mental health hospital services. Restraint refers to the restriction of an individual’s freedom of movement by physical or mechanical means.

The data contains information on the use of two forms of restraint in specialised public mental health hospital services in 2015-16: physical restraint (for example, the use of hands-on immobilisation techniques by health care staff) and mechanical restraint (for example, using devices such as belts or straps).

Associate Professor John Allan, Chair of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council’s Safety and Quality Partnership Standing Committee, welcomed the new information.

‘For the first time, we have visibility of what’s really going on in our mental health services,’ he said. ‘This is a ground-breaking step in our efforts to reduce the use of restrictive practices.’

For further information, read AIHW’s full media release or access the data on the Mental Health Services in Australia website. Please note, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see information on restraint.