QAMH to Play a Role on the New Mental Health Advisory Panel via CMHA: Members Update: CMHA

11, July, 2017

11th July 2017.

QAMH is pleased to announce that it has an avenue for input into the Turnbull Government’s Primary Health Network (PHN) Advisory Panel through Community Mental Health Australia’s (CMHA) membership on the Panel.

The Panel is co-chaired by Mental Health Australia CEO, Frank Quinlan and National Health Commission CEO, Dr Peggy Brown, to ensure that funding and support is delivered through the 31 PHNs across Australia.

“This is an excellent opportunity for QAMH to provide feedback to the PHNs from our members at a local level,” said Kris Trott, CEO.

Minister for Health and Minister for Sport, the Hon Greg Hunt MP has said that mental health is a priority for the Turnbull government and through the 31 PHNs, we are able to create outcomes for those in need.

The new panel will play a key role in achieving more front-line mental health services for Australians who need it.

The advisory panel will serve four main functions:

  • To review and provide guidance regarding the mental health plans developed by the 31 PHNs nationally
  • To review and provide advice on the guidelines for mental health commissioning provided to the PHNs
  • Provide advice on strategies to support the PHNs to effectively carry out their commissioning responsibilities in mental health
  • Provide recommendations on ongoing governance and coordination of PHNs commissioning of mental health services.

Bulletin: CMHA’s Gives Evidence at Joint Standing Committee Hearing 

3, May, 2017

Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA), Australia’s coalition of mental health peak bodies, of which QAMH is a partner, was one of a small number of organisations invited to give evidence at a hearing of the Inquiry of the Joint Standing Committee into the provision of services under the NDIS for people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition.

CMHA President, Liz Crowther and Executive Director, Amanda Bresnan appeared before the Committee last Friday 28 March.

In their opening statement, Liz and Amanda expressed concern that ‘the NDIS is not being implemented as it was envisaged, in particular for people with psychosocial disabilities’. They concluded that:

​The key issue is that the NDIS was never meant to be and cannot replace the mental health system. Both disability and psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery services must be part of a continuum of support for people living with a mental illness. It is vital that governments’ work in partnership with community managed mental health service providers to develop solutions to concerns and issues that have emerged. Both the federal, state and territory governments are responsible, and we as a community are responsible.

Read CMHA opening statement – Joint Standing Commitee NDIS hearing 28 April 2017.