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Carer and Consumer Resource Kit

This practical Engaging People with Experience of Mental Illness in Service Evaluation resource kit is the result of work undertaken by the North Brisbane Partners in Recovery (PiR) team from 1 December 2014 to 28 August 2015.

Evaluators with living experience of mental illness were engaged to co-design and implement processes to undertake an evaluation of North Brisbane PiR services. The evaluation was from the point of view of consumers and carers using those services, as part of a larger local evaluation plan for North Brisbane PiR.

This resource kit has been designed on the premise that documenting the process of recruiting and working with the Consumer and Carer Evaluators, the tools and processes developed and learning points reached could benefit other PiR regions and organisations looking to undertake similar work.

As well as identifying areas for quality improvement, wider benefits include:

  • saving resources by doing the evaluation ‘in-house’
  • improving engagement levels with the participants
  • building capacity
  • strengthening community by giving participants a voice
  • role modelling and giving hope.